T-ara very thankful because until now they never bothered by those annoying fans sasaeng. On the contrary, behavior of the diadem (as fans of T-ara) is very sweet and playful. This was disclosed by one of the personnel of T-ara, Hyo Min.

When met on the sidelines filming the music video "Cry Cry" dance version, Hyo Min funny experiences with fans. Hyo Min had walked in there a bunch of their fans a peek session of After School dance training. But when he approached them with the intention of addressing, the fans that just ran topsy-turvy because of embarrassment.

"Fans always be around us. When the T-ara is no promo activity, they seemed to go to one somewhere else and come back to see us," said Hyo Min. "Once I've caught some fans who peek After School dance rehearsal. When I came and asked what they were doing, they are so ashamed of herself and ran."

Hyo Min's story makes the MC laughed. But Hyo Min did not mind if the fans really want to watch other idol groups.


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