Allegations of many people who judge the Wonder Girls is a true competitor of Girls' Generation finally denied by JYP Entertainment group's upbringing. Wonder Girls even say they have a good relationship and are familiar with Girls' Generation. This they admit when appearing on KBS2 FM radio broadcast, "Jeon Moo Hyun's Music Square", Friday, November 18.

"The personnel we are pretty close to the Girls' Generation. When performed together on M! Countdown music show and then we meet and greet," said Sohee. "I do not have a personal relationship with them, but it was a good friend Yoobin Taeyeon, while Sunye and Ye Eun was a good friend Yoona, Tiffany and Sooyoung."

Sohee Yoobin also justify saying that. While Ye Eun hoping to go along with Girls' Generation if any spare time.

"We have not been in South Korea, it was nice to see new faces," Yoobin said. "We have different schedules, so it's hard to meet. But we've promised to go karaoke together if there is spare time," said Ye Eun.


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