Park Shi Yeon Married

Nov. 19, the beautiful actress Park Shi Yeon official release bachelor status. He married his girlfriend who is a successful businessman. The wedding ceremony was held behind closed doors at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Seoul. Only family, friends and coworkers who are allowed to follow the entire wedding procession.

But many reporters waiting in front of the hotel found a number of artists invited to the ceremony. Starting from Lee Hyori, Nam Gyuri and Han Ye Seul seen come into the hotel.

After marriage, Shi Yeon and her husband still could not immediately enjoy time together for the honeymoon. The reason, Shi Yeon still have to finish filming his latest movie first. After that, they just fly to America for their honeymoon there.

News of the actress who has a love affair characterized this mole on her lip is sticking out early in 2011. Shi Yeon that time was widely rumored relationship with a wealthy businessman. The relationship is apparently more serious after the scandal was completed. After marriage, husband Shi Yeon allow her to continue a career as an actress.

Shi Yeon last starred on "Coffe House" (2010) together with Kang Ji Hwan and Ham Eun Jung (T-ara). In 2011, Shi Yeon becomes a cameo in the serial "The Greatest Love".


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