News about Hero Jaejoong will be conscripted immediately began much exposed to South Korean media. But recently Hero decided to delay until August 31, 2012 by reason of "living abroad". These reasons refer to JYJ who plans to hold concerts abroad again, so they should be outside the country for a long time.

Hero has received a notification letter compulsory military duty in September. Currently Kyung Hee Cyber ​​University student majoring in communications was 24 years old, old enough to undergo compulsory military service while still a student.

"Hero Jaejoong had requested the suspension of military duty. He had to get permission from the Military Manpower Administration of South Korea," said C-Jes Entertainment agency as Hero. "Compulsory military delayed because of the promotional activities this year. So there's no problem with it until August next year."

Representative C-Jes was also firmly denied rumors that mentions Hero does not use the excuse student status, but wearing a reason "living abroad" because he was expelled from the university. Gossip is broken by such representation.

"Even when JYJ held a concert in Europe, the Hero is still time to write about 2-3 college stint. He is responsible to his studies," the representative said that the C-Jes. "Since JYJ have concerts abroad, then we use the excuse of living abroad instead of using the excuse of study."


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