Jennifer Lopez apparently was more interested in the dancers, Casper Smart, rather than reconciliation with Marc Anthony. A source revealed Casper successfully make J. Lo was amazed because the dancer who has appeared in TV series "Glee" being what it is.

"Their relationship is pretty serious. They are often shared and J. Lo never been this happy," said a source at E! News. "Casper was calm. He never asked J. Lo to buy goods. He just watched J. Lo like giving flowers."

Behind excess Casper, a dancer who also appeared in music videos J. Lo, "Papi", it proved to have a dark story. Earlier this year, dancers are adrift age of 18 years with J. Lo (24-year-old Casper, J. Lo 42 years) this was arrested for racing on public roads. Fortunately, Casper released and only need to pay a fine of USD 26,000 or more than Rp 200 million and sentenced to undergo social work for 10 days.

So if the criminal records Casper makes J. Lo to worry? Apparently not. Proven, J. Lo not only involves Casper for the concert but also to accompany Casper when involved in a project Mike Posner's latest music video.

"The presence of J. Lo in turn make nervous the dancers," said the source spoke of togetherness the duo of artists who began to close since six months ago. "Not only do they have to audition, they also have to do it in front J.Lo. She smiled and seemed to enjoy while watching Casper to work."


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