Juyeon Hospitalized

Collapsed due to exhaustion often among the artists who have a multitude of activities schedule. An example is one of this After School personnel. Monday, November 21, Juyeon immediately rushed to hospital after fainting while attending the event rehearsal "2011 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards".

The news was delivered directly by Pledis Entertainment as their agency. After undergoing examination in the hospital, apparently Juyeon diagnosed with acute nephritis, or inflammation of the kidneys. Thus, forced Juyeon could not perform with her ​​friends at the event. In this event, After School received a special award from the South Korean government along with other singers.

"For a while, Juyeon will stop following the promotional activities and admitted to hospital as the doctor ordered," said the representative Pledis. "The disease can be cured quickly through the treatment process is simple and the rest, so do not worry too much."

Agency After School in Japan, Avex, also soothe fans. After resting enough, Juyeon will soon join the After School again.

"After School should start promo in Japan in late November, but we think health is more important artist. So rather than initiate promotional activities, we decided better rest first," said representatives of Avex. "Juyeon insisted join the promo in Japan, but he was forbidden to do so."

After School will commence their campaign in Japan with the release of their new single, "Diva", on November 23. Meanwhile Juyeon recently joined the group after he was healthy again.


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