Kim Kardashian publicly judged for ending his marriage to Kris Humphries in just 72 days. However, it may be Kim's innocent 100 percent.

According to Kim's friends, those who blame it Kris. Because the 26-year-old NBA star was often rude to say shortly after the officially became husband Kim on 20 August.

"He insulted Kim in front of many people," said friend Kim on U.S. Weekly. "He called Kim's stupid and fat ass. It's sickening."

"Kris tried to control Kim by abusing it," said the friend. "He said something very bad. One day, Kris said that Kim had no talent and her fame will not last long."

Not just only that, Kris also be arbitrarily by going to nightclubs in New York City and Los Angeles until dawn. At the club, Kris acted like the boss and ask for services provided free drinks.

Kim tried to counsel but was ignored by Kris. "He's considered to be excessive as his wife Kim and said, 'Forget it'," said the friend star of reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" is.


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