Franchise movie "Bourne" successful will now be played by Matt Damon starring Jeremy Renner. Many people are curious how the storyline and characters Jeremy will be shown in the movie.

Now, Jeremy wanted to cure the curiosity of fans by giving a little glimpse of the film. Brandt Starring in "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" revealed that "The Bourne Legacy" will be different from previous films.

"My character here named Aaron Cross, but he would much later renamed," said Jeremy. "For the fans of his franchise, 'The Bourne Legacy' will still be the same type, but this is a new movie and there are many new characters."

When questioned further about the difference between "The Bourne Legacy" with previous films, Jeremy also gave a little commentary. He revealed that this film will become more sophisticated but still use the same background.

"Yes, his background is still the same, this is a group of new agents with a different storyline. Tempo and the speed is still the same, but more developed and bigger," added Jeremy. "The difference will be many, but you know, it's still the movie 'Bourne'."

In this film, Jeremy will serve as another professional killer who has a similar program with Jason Bourne. "The Bourne Legacy" director Tony Gilroy worked on the manuscript work of Joshua Zetumer and George Nolfi. Other actors who have joined in the film is Rachel Weisz, Joan Allen, Albert Finney, Oscar Isaac and Edward Norton. The film is scheduled for release in August 2012.


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