Who is the artist who most want to be invited to spend the rest of the end of 2011? The answer is Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo, at least according to entertainment website Eduwill version. Recently they were ordained to be the most ideal partner to be invited to the party closure in 2011.

Seung Gi champion male candidate who is so high because of his charisma and his handsome face. In a poll conducted by Eduwill it, Seung Gi earned a total of 31.1 percent of the vote (1134 votes). Whereas in the second position there is an actor film "Only You", So Ji Sub, with a total acquisition of 24.3 percent, and in the third position there Song Joong Ki, who scooped a total vote of 20 percent. Handsome actor Jo In Sung and Yoon Kye Sang in a row is in a position to the 4th and 5th.

Meanwhile, Hyo Joo poll candidate excels in women. He got 31.4 percent of the vote. In the second place there is Kim Tae Hee who last year became the champion of a similar poll. He collected a total of 19.2 percent. At number three there is Soo Ae who earned a total vote of 17.8 percent, followed successively by Song Hye Kyo and Shin Min A.

Hyo Joo jelitanya known for his face and often gets the protagonist role that won the hearts of the audience. Therefore, he managed to beat the beautiful Tae Hee on this poll.


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