There was an embarrassing incident that occurred when the awards show Melon Music Awards 2011 took place Thursday, November 24. One of the winners that day, IU, accidentally fell while walking on the stage toward the podium.

Singer song hits "Good Day" that won the trophy "Best Song". When his name was called as the winner, as usual IU walk confidently onto the stage. Whether because of lack of caution or other factors, all of a sudden IU foot slipped. IU also successfully dropped before reaching microphone. IU fans a lot to give moral support by shouting "gwaenchana (nothing)".

"Hi everyone, I'm an IU ..." IU said shyly after standing and receiving the trophy. IU has no power to restrain his laughter and his speech to stop for a moment.

On stage, IU thanked the parents and staff the event. After that he sat back in his chair. The artist who sat next to many who ask if the condition is fine. Fortunately, IU did not receive the slightest injury or wound.


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