Behind the sweet face, BoA was also able to demonstrate a high disciplinary side of the contestants auditioning in front of a new star, "Survival Star Audition K-pop". This was disclosed by his partner, Yang Hyun Suk, at the press conference that was held November 24. Founder agency YG Entertainment said, the public actually thinks "ruthless jury" in the event this is her. But all the allegations were false when BoA is even more scathing when he said his comments to the contestants.

"I know many people who think like that. I have rarely appeared on TV and the singers in YG Entertainment said discipline level is high enough," said Hyun Suk. "But I was surprised to see BoA. He was very stern."

BoA is located directly beside Hyun Suk defensively. "I'm not grumpy. I'm just saying what is". Hyun Suk then laughed and said, "All the jury showed the good side in this event, but BofA did not."

"Park Jin Young is excited until he's taught all applicants who are first in line. He eventually tired and his nose was bleeding," said Hyun Suk. "I think there must be someone who is good and it was me."

"Survival Audition K-Pop Star" began airing December 4 at the front of the SBS by showing jurors like BoA and two entertainment industry, Yang Hyun Suk (YG Entertainment) and Park Jin Young (JYP Entertainment). Auditions in the field of music talent search was held in Argentina, France, America, China and South Korea with a total of about 10 thousand applicants.


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