Competitive world of K-Pop will be more heat with the emergence of new groups. TAKEN and New.FO (Five New Order) is one of them. Boyband and girlband newcomers attract attention due to debut at the same time. Images are also drew attention to their stretcher. TAKEN forward with the macho image, while carrying the image of androgyny New.FO like 2NE1.

TAKEN debut mini album, "Only One Taken", was released November 3. While music videos are groups of up to six personnel, "Young Boy", much praised on YouTube and other sites. TAKEN the first stage of action has already begun on the stage of MTV's "The Show", November 25.

On the same day, New.FO their debut on "Music Bank". They performed the song "Bounce" for the first time. The music video nuanced electro-pop songs have been released Nov. 23 on their YouTube account.

Debut at the same time makes the competition more exciting TAKEN and New.FO. Are they able to survive amid the swift currents of competition in K-Pop music industry, or just a one-hit-wonder only?


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