Personnel Brown Eyed Girls this one is like to expose her sexy body. Narsha recently re-emerged with a sexy pose that interest netter.

Shooting is exhibiting a collection of Levi's Bodywear underwear is indeed require Narsha to show her beauty. During a photo shoot for Marie Claire magazine's December issue, Narsha was accompanied by his trainer, Sean Lee.

Steering force Levi's Bodywear, Park Mi Kyung, join a professional attitude Narsha praise. According to him, Narsha can deliver content through a variety of shooting with good expression.

"For this shoot, we want to keep underwear ads impression that only synonymous with the concept of sexy," said Mi-kyung. "We focus on the introduction of unique products and different styles for this shoot."

This is not the first time Narsha lined up to look sexy in a photo shoot. Last year, Narsha also has starred in ads that show her sexiness.


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