Eva Longoria spoke about her love story with sister Penelope Cruz, Eduardo Cruz, a stranded since the beginning of this year. Actress TV series "Desperate Housewives" is grateful to establish love with Eduardo or who is familiarly called Edu.

"I should be angry, resentful and disillusioned related affair," said the actress who had failed twice in marriage to the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair magazine in December. "But I do not. I'm very lucky to meet Edu."

36-year-old actress refused to be cynical about love. Infidelity ex-husband, Tony Parker, also managed to make it more powerful.

"There's a reason why I fell in love and married. I believe in love," the actress said the film "Without Men". "Love does not work now with that guy (Tony), but can be managed with the others."

During an interview, Eva also denied rumors that he had the luxury lifestyle enthusiasts. "Two Birkin bag that I have is a gift. I would never spend USD 12,000 (equivalent to USD 100 million) just for the bag," said Eva.

In addition to interviews, Eva is also undergoing a photocall with a Christmas theme. Shooting was done last week in Los Angeles under the guidance of Art Streiber.


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