There are interesting events when the Blue Dragon awards Awards 32nd place last November 25 at Kyung Hee University. At that time, Lee Min Ho lined up to be artists who recite the name of the winner of the category "Best Director" with Park Bo Young.

On stage, a small mistake was made by Bo Young. Actress film "Speedy Scandal" (2008) it slipped out to call Min Ho as "oppa" (older guys).

"We have not met and you're growing up as a woman," said Min Ho. "Oppa also look more handsome," replied Bo Young.

Finding himself one call a greeting to Min Ho at a formal event, Bo Young then corrected his words. "Oh, excuse me, Mr.Lee Min Ho," said Bo Young, laughing.

Bo Young Min Ho and acting contest ever recorded together in the film "Our School ET" (2008). Since then both of them very intimate relationship outside of the camera. Therefore Bo Young's not aware if he immediately called Min Ho as "oppa" when appearing at a formal event. Although the 24-year-old Min Ho and Bo Young 21 years, but both are very disconnected because both work as a debut artist in 2006.


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