The flurry of concert tour sixth album "Talk That Talk" (2011) will inevitably drain energy Rihanna. Therefore, the singer of the single "We Found Love" is contacting seniors, Beyonce Knowles, to ask for opinions.

"She (Riri) is a young woman who wants to have fun but she was not excited," said a source told The Sun. "This is a combination of fatigue and stress. She had a big party to let go of his load, but there are days when she woke up and did not know where she is. No wonder he felt no enthusiasm."

The source was later revealed that Beyonce is pregnant are advised to immediately finalize Riri concert tour as planned. Only then, the 23-year-old singer could be on vacation this year. "Beyonce knows that Riri need a break or she (Riri) will be exhausted," continued the source.

Ex-boyfriend Chris Brown was still in the UK for a concert tour in Birmingham, London and Manchester. Early December concert will proceed to Europe including Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain.


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