Rain has been drafted into the army for several weeks. In its place assigned, Rain reportedly often receive praise from his colleagues in the military. This was revealed from a letter of an officer who uploaded the picture on the internet along with Rain in it.

"Even within the military camp, Rain was filming a movie," writes the man. "To be allowed to call out for 3-5 minutes, we should be able to get 15 points in one week. Only Rain was the only person who passes 15 points.

"He was very nice, I'd like his own brother," the man wrote in his letter. "I feel uncomfortable being next to them."

Another letter is also a similar tone, praising the behavior of rain during the draft. This time he praised the leadership talent in place tasked Rain when they held the "Soldier's Superstar K". According to him, led the team one point ahead Rain more than the opposing team.

Netter also many who participated praised the Rain. "Great! How can someone with such a handsome face that could have a high charisma? He is the star of the world," commented a netter. "You're really good-hearted person."


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