Scarlett Johansson expressing opinions about the widespread use of social networks like Facebook or Twitter. In an interview in Interview magazine, actress film "We Bought a Zoo" is indeed recognizes the importance of social networking as a means of information. Only, join on Twitter or Facebook is not an option Scarlett.

"I do not have Facebook or Twitter account and I do not know how I feel about the idea of the existence of the status of my activities related to day-to-day," said the former wife of Ryan Reynolds is. "For me, status updates like" I've just sent a letter and take my children 'is a very strange phenomenon. "

Starring the Black Widow in the movie "The Avengers" was also surprised that there are fellow actress or actor who has a Twitter account. "I think it better if the public had little access to my personal life. If I keep this way, I'll be a happy woman," says Sean Penn is a former lover.


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