Busyness sixth promote the new album, "Talk That Talk" (2011), seems to make Rihanna a little sloppy. He forgot to turn off the tap water in his hotel room at The Savoy, London.

As a result, Riri room for 2,000 euros per night directly flooded. Room carpet became wet and humid. This incident itself took place when the singer of the single "We Found Love" is a gig in the arena of "The X Factor", Sunday (27/11) night.

The Savoy Hotel spokesman chose silence related incident. "We can not comment on events experienced by guests at our hotel," said the spokesman.

But a source explained that the flooding was caused by the bath faucet is turned off forgotten. So far no damage to the vital place in the room Riri.

"The rooms are occupied with his crew Riri flooding when the bathtub faucet left on. They all come back and see the carpet wet," said the source. "Everyone has apologized. Riri and his entourage were told not to worry. Hotel guests joked by saying that they need 'Umbrella' just like the song Riri the release of 2007."


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