Thanksgiving became a special time for Rihanna to spend time with fans. Owner of the album "Talk That Talk" (2011) is even giving a special gift when he met the fans at a local nightclub, O'Donoghue, in Dublin, Ireland, Thursday, November 24.

Because of missed family, Riri treat 100 guests in the form O'Donoghue Thanksgiving dinner with a menu. Not only the fans, band members and crew concert tour gets a cut.

Chanter single "We Found Love" is very involved in the presentation of food. He even choose your own dinner menu which was distributed to the guests.

Foods such as mussel chowder, turkey roast with potatoes, vegetables and cranberry sauce were ordered Riri from French bistros, Hugo, which was situated not far from the nightclub. Ex-boyfriend Chris Brown is also pamper guests with traditional dishes such as macaroni and cheese dishes, potato marshmallow sauce and biscuits.

Still about 23-year-old singer, has been circulating videos with family togetherness Riri. The video is entitled "Family Values​​" was narrated by Riri mentor, Jay-Z using the pseudonym Sean Carter.

Appears in the video when Riri give advice to his younger brother, Rajad Fenty. "Work first, and when you do something fantastic at work, you just can socialize as you wish," said Riri.

The mother, Monica Fenty, also provide advice. "From Monday to Friday, no Facebook. Only a text book (learning)," said Monica.

Video intimate family moments are also presented figures idol Riri grandmother called Gran Gran. As a reward, the singer of the single "Only Girl (In The World)" This gives Cartier ring designs. While tempting Riri said, "Would you (Gran Gran) to marry me."


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