Alessandro Del Piero at Juventus fallen against Cesena, Sunday, November 4. 36-year-old striker was badly wounded in the head by Marco Rossi kicks thrown at him.

Unmitigated, the incident that caused it received eight stitches in his head. A source said that Del Piero Marco accidentally kicked in the head at that time.

"He (Marco) accidentally kicked in the head," said the source. "He (Del Piero) never lost consciousness and the wound was stitched at the stadium with eight stitches."

At that time, Del Piero's injury is quite severe. His blood ran great after the incident. The captain knocked unconscious even directly after the incident and was rushed to the hospital to get further help.

Fortunately, a spokesman for Juventus Del Piero said that current conditions are fine. Although a fairly injured in, but no serious complications occurred.

Injuries suffered by Del Piero not necessarily dampen the spirit of his friends in matches. Juventus also managed to come home with a nice result, which beat Cesena with a score of 2-0.


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