Yoon Eun Hye was under the spotlight sharply from the netter. Section, Sunday, December 4, she writes his own tweets trip ride public buses after the past 10 years. Because of that tweet, Eun Hye in exclusive quasi-stamped by the netters.

"I have valuable experience today. I'm taking public transportation for the first time after 10 years. Manager forced me to take the bus when going to the bookstore. She was also humiliated by taking this picture," wrote Eun Hye. "Oh! We must give an empty chair to the children and parents because the bus is very dangerous. I was in on the bus and the bus swayed when she walked. It must be dangerous for people who do not have enough power in the arms and legs. "

Read a tweet that, netter felt former Baby VOX girlband personnel is very arrogant. Tweet it considered less able to reflect empathy for the people who are used to taking public transportation to undergo their activities. Netter invective was thrown into a successful serial actress "My Fair Lady" (2009) it.

"How could ride public buses to be a valuable experience? I like to live in two different worlds" caustic comment netter. "She certainly did not think before writing that post. Is it suitable to serve the story?"

However, continued support from fans Eun Hye. Not a few who defend him and say Eun Hye just amazed because it had not been taking public transportation.

"Yoon Eun Hye has become a celebrity since childhood, so she's not taking public transportation as we do. So it's valuable experience," martial arts fans. "It's too scary for me if I take the bus the first time in 10 years."


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