"The X Factor (U.S.)", Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. After a poor appearance often commented on Drew Ryniewicz favorite contestant, Paula and Nicole are not preferred by many fans throughout the show Drew. Though Drew is one of the contestants are staying will come out as winners.

The climax is when the young girl's eliminate of the arena looking for talent. Paula and Nicole who had a role in the ousting of an easy target Drew fans. Even some netter and fans who wish they were dead. There also are advised to them, "Be careful with your life."

"F ** K you Paula. You get rid of the most talented person in the event f *** this. I hope you die alone, DUMB B *** H," commented a netter. "I hope you die, the basic self-centered," wrote another netter. "@ @ Paulaabdul NicoleScherzy Death ...."

According to sources close to both of them, Paula and Nicole is said to be shocked by the loud protests from the Netter and fans it. According to him, they have never received insults and harsh words like that in her music career.

But competition is competition. Simon Cowell as the show's producer could not do much after the champion eliminated.


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