Senior singers like Bono also be intimidated by the juniors, Alicia Keys. U2 lead singer of this band admitted amazed at once "scared" by Alicia bold figure in the fight against the dangers of HIV AIDS in Africa and India.

"He's not scary. He was scary," Bono said when attending the premiere of the Showtime documentary, "Keep a Child Alive", in New York, Tuesday (11/29/2011). "I feel scared when I met him. My legs were shaking. I certainly felt touched by his ability to sing but what interested me most is that he asks tough questions."

"Keep a Child Alive" is an activity initiated by Alicia's charity since 2003. With a documentary that aired on cable TV channel, Showtime, beginning December 1, wife of Swizz Beatz's hoping the world community wants to help Africa and the Indian population suffering from HIV AIDS.


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