Jennifer Lopez more openly with your loved one, Casper Smart. Most recently she was caught by the camera being kissed Casper reporters in front of studio training, Los Angeles.

Shamelessly, the singer who nicknamed J. Lo was landing his lips to Casper. Casper was greeted with joy as she affectionately embraced her lover's 42-year-old.

J. Lo relationship and background dancer 24-year-old was growing. Recently the two holidays together in Kauai, Hawaii. J. Lo twins brought two of her marriage to Marc Anthony, Max and Emme.

In Hawaii, Casper seem to get along with Max and Emme. Two 3-year-old boy was also very comfortable when playing with Casper on the beach.

"Casper looks to have fun with the twins," says an eyewitness. "He's swinging Max and Emme on the beach. The twins are also running around chasing Casper."


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