Bono U2 annoyed her voice

Beneath moment on stage, who would have thought the band was U2 frontman, Bono apparently had no confidence in his voice. He even claimed to hate hearing songs by U2 because it disturbed his vocal in the songs.

This was disclosed when Bono appeared on the show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that aired last December 1. Bono admitted it took to finally get used to hearing his voice.

"I tried to ignore it. When I hear our song on the radio, I almost always turn it off," said Bono. "Not because I do not like or do not believe the songs, but my voice was bothering me. I always thought I could sing it better."

"I kind of macho guy, from Ireland and singing songs of the '80s," he continued. "I thought I sounded like a girl."

Although Bono is not confident with his voice, but U2 proved hugely successful. The songs heard and liked millions of people worldwide.


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