Christmas, a company in St. Louis, Missouri to make candy and weighs 11 kilograms. Shaped chewy candy bear is once again became the largest in the world, because the size is unusual. But the candy named "Gummy Bear Party" is not for the weak, because it bears sweet contains 32,000 calories are sufficient to meet the caloric needs of the average adult for two weeks.

Price "Party Gummy Bear" is quite expensive, priced at 129 pounds. Bear size 17-inch is also available in a variety of flavors and colors that kids love. Start from the cherry, orange, green apple and raspberry.

Sarah Johnson, a receptionist from Birmingham, admitted surprise when I saw this bear candy. 26-year-old woman who is a fan of sweets was also said to taste like candy giant.

"I can not believe someone made this big bear candy," said Sarah. "I'm definitely going to ask my boyfriend to buy this as a Christmas present."

Meanwhile, to boost the number of giant bears candy sales, the company has made ​​a funny ad. This ad starring two handsome guys who kept teasing the audience with this giant bear eating candy. Interested to try it?


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