Daesung Big Bang finally came to the public for the first time after being in an accident some time ago. Recently (12/6/2011), Daesung attend a press conference the release of the musical series "What's Up?" which he starred.

In a press conference that Daesung did not forget to thank the support of all fans of the series. He also promised to provide the best in the "What's Up?".

"I want to thank all my fans because it is present today, thank you for all your support for this series," said Daesung. "I also want to apologize to all of them, I promise to show my other side is more energetic and positive in the 'What's Up?'."

Daesung fans do not stop to give her support. A group of fans who came all the way from China even carrying a large banner that read "Congratulations for the release of Episode One 'What's Up?'. Come We Domination TV rating."

"What's Up?" itself tells about the lives of a group of students studying at a music school. The story will focus on the conflict between the characters and how their efforts in reaching their respective dreams. Serial directed by Song Ji Won will be produced in 18 episodes and just show the first episode early last December.


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