In addition to a beautiful face, Kim Tae Hee apparently also have a noble heart. Recently he gave a surprise gift to Hyung Joon, a child 13 years old leukemia patient. Tae Hee rewarded gloves, balls and a baseball bat that has been stamped signature.

The prize is sent through the Make-A-Wish Foundation in South Korea. The actress was born March 29, 1980 was appointed ambassador to the charity since 2005. She had met the children who were diagnosed with the deadly disease, as well as provide moral support in the form of messages and special gifts.

Hyung Joon always dreamed of becoming a baseball player. He was also a big fan of serial actress "My Princess" is. After receiving a gift from his idol, Hyung Joon absurdly happy.

"My health is not so good, but I will continue to undergo treatment every day spirit by putting a baseball bat from Kim Tae Hee's brother beside my bed," said Hyung Joon. "That way I can play baseball with my friends."

Meanwhile, Tae Hee will continue to engage in fundraising campaigns and charity events Make-A-Wish Foundation else. Foundations that have been established in 36 other countries that are keen to campaign for fellow social activities.


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