Respect the past even as bitter as possible, because it can be power to rise again. This principle held by a young artist Demi Lovato. Although had entered rehab Timberline Knolls, Illinois, United States, now Demi admitted more powerful than ever. Testimony to the hard times that ever happened was retold By visiting the place when his rehab a year ago.

For the sake of being invited to be a host at Timberline Knolls in the context of Christmas. There, the singer of the single "Skycraper" it gives the spirit to heal for patients residents. In order not to miss sharing stories with the fans through his Twitter.

"Wow, what an inspiring day. A lot of tears and memories that go back at Timberline Knolls today," writes 19-year-old artist was on his Twitter account, December 4. "Today I returned to the home that I'd gone a year ago, to talk to beautiful women who are now fighting against the evil that exists in their own self."

"I'm very proud to share stories and life stories so that they know that they can easily (cured)," wrote Demi again. "Life is beautiful ... you all deserve."

Beginning in 2011, Demi entered rehab to treat eating disorders and behavior like hurting yourself. Once out of rehab, Demi focus of healthy eating and regular sports.

"I work hard to stay healthy and fit," Demi wrote on Twitter. "I never thought could be so excited."


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