2PM 'Mr. Pizza' ad

Behind the stocky body and macho image, 2PM turned out to be subdued by a piece of pizza. In the latest ad Mr. Pizza, 2PM look cute and funny. Video footage while filming ad was released on the internet, December 4. Shooting yourself in studio Gyeoonggi do-do, South Korea.

During filming, 2PM listening to instructions from the director carefully. Ads themed "party with pizza" that displays the personnel who seemed engrossed in eating pizza with their own way.

"To demonstrate the expression of good pizza, first you must open your eyes wide open," said Nichkhun. "But even though Taecyeon opened his eyes wide, in the end he was always embarrassed laugh."

This ad created to promote Mr. output products. Newest pizza. In addition to filming the ad, 2PM also have to undergo a photo shoot for the ad.


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