Long time no hear news of affair, Super Junior Eunhyuk suddenly a relationship with a beautiful woman. The woman is an actress SBS series, "Deep Rooted Tree".

But fans need not worry, because their relationship was in the video only group K-Pop music newcomer, FIX. Eunhyuk lined the main actors of the music video.

According to The Groove Entertainment agency as FIX, FIX Eunhyuk willing to help by becoming the main actor. He must compete acting with one of the personnel who became the lead actress Jang Ji Eun.

Eunhyuk was good friends with the personnel FIX. Amid the heavy work schedule, Eunhyuk would act seriously in the music video. In the photo released by the agency, Eunhyuk looked tense when Ji Eun aggressively touching and wanted to kiss her.

FIX this music video too much attention ELF. They await the full release of the clip. FIX consists of Noori, Sung Woo (leader), Oh Song and Jung Wook. How Eunhyuk acting in this music video? We'll wait.


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