Sub unit of the Big Bang, GD & TOP duo finally returned to the Japanese music industry. Friday, November 2nd and then they released a teaser video of Japanese music, "Oh Yeah", in YG Entertainment's official account on YouTube.

In this video, G-Dragon and TOP performing with their colleagues at YG Entertainment, Park Bom (2NE1). G-Dragon wearing a red jacket picture of the British flag, while the TOP enjoy a relaxed holiday with beautiful girls.

The single "Oh Yeah" will be released January 7 next year. This song launched early last October, followed by the release of their debut single album on October 9th. But the plan was canceled because of cases of marijuana that hit G-Dragon.

The song "Oh Yeah" is the first work G-Dragon and TOP YG Entertainment after collaborating with the Japanese giant agency, Avex, and form a new agency called YGEX. G-Dragon and TOP have to rewrite the lyrics of the song and made ​​as closely as possible to the original version (Korea).

Here is the teaser music video "Oh Yeah" Japanese version:


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