Embarrassing incident recently experienced by Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes' appearance husband is into the media spotlight while attending promo her latest film, "Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol", in the grand ballroom of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Tokyo.

There is nothing wrong with casual appearance that time, because the 49-year-old man wearing a tight green T-shirt is captivating. But the nightmare began when he embraced director Brad Bird and waved his right hand to the crew of the media. Tom's armpits were wet with sweat.

Tom apparently sweating from the heat of lighting lamps are lit along the event. The main actress Paula Patton accompanying Tom then may feel cooler because he's wearing a mini dress, while director Brad "safe" for wearing a blazer.

Tom's easy to sweat. This is not the first time Tom catches sweat. In 2008, Tom has appeared photos that are bathed in sweat while dancing with her ​​at a party held by the couple David Beckham and wife Victoria Adams.

Media Daily Mail even insinuating Tom by writing, "The film that starred generate USD 2.8 billion, so he may have more money. Tom is better to invest the money to buy deodorant that can be relied upon". However, agent Ethan Hunt is just an ordinary person who may sweat more when overheated.


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