Beyond its status as a top Hallyu star, cute actor Jang Geun-suk was subdued by the beauty Yoona of Girls' Generation. As is known, is currently starring in the series both were the same, "Love Rain".

When appearing at a press conference series in the area of ​​Daegu, Tuesday, December 13, Geun-suk claimed that he was one of the men Yoona fans. Geun-suk said that even if she is Sone (as fans of Girls' Generation) and is registered in their fan club.

To show his concern to Yoona, serial actor "She's Beautiful" (2009) is routinely put a cup of coffee in the car Yoona. The goal, to help Yoona wake up because she knew how crowded work schedule pretty girl.

"I always put a cup of coffee in his car every morning to wake him," said Geun-suk. "I could be trusted to work as a member of the Sone."

"Usually the fans will give me lots of healthy foods," added Geun-suk. "I think Yoona fans have a lot of men and teenagers as well."


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