December 10, Sohee Wonder Girls appeared as guest star on "Do Dream" at the TV station KBS. In this event, MC Kim Yong Man asked about Sohee Kim Heechul, Super Junior personnel who have openly admitted that he admired.

"Did you know that Heechul put your picture in the locker military barracks?" asked Yong Man. Sohee replied, "I know. I want to thank him for it. But I've never personally met Heechul."

MC Yong Man is still trying to reveal how urgent Sohee juice to Heechul. "If you're in the same position, would you put a photo on Heechul?" asked Yong Man. Calmly, Sohee shook his head, making all the studio audience laughed.

"Then who is the type of guy idealmu?" asked Yong Man. "I'm a fan Park Hae-Il," Sohee said shyly. Park Hae-Il is the actor series "Good Morning, President" (2009) and "The Host" (2006). Indirectly, Sohee has expressed his attitude to the feelings of Heechul. Nonetheless, fans continued to receive good relations Heechul and Sohee as a friend.

In this episode Sohee also described the experience of how difficult it is to learn English in America. He also claimed to be interested to study film at a university in America.


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