Katy Perry 'Divorce'

Gossip is just gossip, not to be taken seriously. It was applied by Katy Perry when questioned about rumors of the household in trouble.

Lately Katy indeed become easy targets of gossip makers. After reportedly pregnant (which was later denied by the hardware), is now winning the title of the Special Achievement Award at the American Music Awards 2011 was rumored to be divorced from her husband, Russell Brand.

Katy wrote November 30th tweet, "(Gossip) first I was pregnant and now I'm divorced. What I am! 'All My Children'?!". "All My Children" soap opera itself is a title that plays on the ABC TV station in September.

A similar denials made by the husband when she appeared as a guest star on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". "I'm very happily married. It's hard to avoid the internet gossip, because there are many sites that really enjoyed the naked lady," said Russell which makes the audience gerr and Ellen.

Katy divorce gossip is not entirely true. Read the article when performing in concert Grammy Awards nominations, 30 November, then Katy was still wearing her wedding ring with Russell. Katy's own earned two nominations at the prestigious music event.

Katy and Russell were married in October 2010 in a sacred ceremony in India. Until now they still have not been blessed with children.


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