One just did not seem enough. That's the sentence that match describes the latest Korean series, "Bachelor's Vegetable Store". Because this series not only presents one or handsome men, but there will be six bachelors Korean eye-catching.

The series is narrated about successful young executives who are still single in Korea. The single top is played by Ji Chang Wook ("Warrior Baek Dong-soo" -2011), Kim Young Kwang ("My Fair Lady" -2009), Lee Kwang Soo ("City Hunter" -2011), member of boyband Supernova Ji Hyuk, Korean newcomer model, Sung Ha, and singer Shin Won Ho.

Among the six men, Ji Chang Wook will have a major role. He will compete acting with Wang Ji Hye who had received the role of antagonist in the "Personal Taste" (2009). Later, Kim Young Kwang who will get the role of third parties with beautiful actress Park Soo Jin ("My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho"). While the rest, it will only be a complement to the series only.

"Bachelor's Vegetable Store" itself an adaptation of the true story of a successful young businessman, Lee Young-seok. Young Seok successfully manage a grocery store and make the franchise that spread throughout Korea. Within a fairly short time, Seok successfully opened 33 branches and make it one of successful young entrepreneurs in the country's ginseng.

The series is directed by Lee Joon Hyeong the manuscript work of Seong Hee Yoon. The plan, "Bachelor's Vegetable Store" will premiere in late December of this year the station Channel A.


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