iPhone 4 back 'Exploded'

Apple should start looking for ways to prevent similar events related to the explosion of the iPhone 4. After the previous two days ago an iPhone 4 exploded in the plane to Australia, now the Brazilian media reports preaching the same thing.

Before the burst, the iPhone 4 it was in-charge all night. Suddenly, the iPhone is smoky and then just blew up near the seat of the owner who was sleeping. Fortunately the explosion did not make the owner injured.

So far, the cause of the explosion of iPhone 4 is not known for sure. However, some experts predict that this is likely related to the iPhone battery 4 rapid heat or explode because the iPhone is actually a fake.

For the first incident that occurred in Australia, the airline Regional Express revealed that the iPhone 4 it had issued a red light before it explodes. No casualties in the blast. The Apple Australia is currently still investigating the cause of the explosion of the iPhone 4.

Problems in Apple products is not only that. More recently, it was revealed that part of the iOS 5 operating system in the iPhone and the iPad Carrie IQ, believed to be detrimental to the user. Because of that, Apple plans will not be using Carrier IQ in the operation of the iPhone and the iPad.

"We stopped giving support to the Carrier IQ (part of the software that can track user activity) with iOS 5 in most of our products," Apple said in a statement. "And we will remove the program in the software update."

Apple also revealed that there is still a handset that is still running the iOS operating system 5 provided with Carrier IQ is the iPhone 4. But Apple never confirmed using Carrier IQ program to track information or private messages.

Carrier IQ software is installed on a smartphone that aim to collect information mainly to help improve the work network. But recently known that the software can also collect personal information such as text messaging, email and phone number send it to the handset makers.


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