After a tired day's work, the handsome actor Lee Dong-wook has a way of refreshing taste that can treat tired. Actor Seol Gong Chan in the series "My Girl" (2005) was apparently collecting hobby manhwa (South Korea comic).

"I've got more than 200 comics manhwa at home," said Dong-wook when appearing as a guest star TVN show, "Taxi", December 1. "When acting, I developed a lot of interesting things during the production process. My dream is to become a film director for the next 25 years, starting from now."

Through manhwa, Dong-wook also dreamed that one day could make one of his favorite manhwa to the big screen or TV screen. "I spend my free time reading the manhwa because the story-like scenario. It helped me learn directing," added the actor was born 6 November 1981.

Collection 200 manhwa is not a paltry sum. Dong-wook admitted started collecting all the manhwa it since childhood.

"I like reading since I was little. But then I could not read much manhwa, because of inadequate family economic conditions," said Dong-wook. "Now I can buy anything manhwa, therefore the numbers so the hundreds."


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