Towards the celebration of Christmas, December 25th, the world community must have been gearing up to welcome the birthday of the Prophet Jesus Christ. And it also happened in China.

For Christmas, 80 chefs reliable at Shangri-La Hotel, Pudong, China, has successfully made the cake in the world's longest with a length of 1068 meters. Work on the cake was done for seven days. France beat the record previously made ​​cake along 207 meters.

As the ingredients, the chefs are made ​​from 904 organic eggs, 1045 kg of flour, 209 kg of sugar, 401 kg and 34 kg of chocolate Tahitian vanilla are blended into one. The effort of the chef is not there.

For the finishing phase, they involve 150 staff. The staff helped put the cake on a table 156 within 24 hours.

"We make a sponge cake, bake and then cool it down. We made vanilla cream for stuffing and roll it. Then, we made a chocolate frozen from our secret recipe," says pastry chef Joseph Karan is involved in the works. "We put it around the cake and then add a sprinkling of candy and sugar over cake."

Previously, the team at Hotel Shangri-La claims will only make the Christmas cake with a length of 888 meters. But when the manufacture, they were thought to make a cake with a longer size.

After celebrating a record of success in the world's longest cake, the cake is to sell the hotel to visitors. The entire proceeds will be donated to help care chemotherapy for four children in Shanghai.


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