Kim Jae Won apparently still can not forget the series' Me Too, Flower ". Some time ago the incidence of accidents that befall Jae Won, making it must be willing to let go of role in Shi Yoon Yoon. Now he wants to "return" to the set "Me Too, Flower".

Although impossible to take back his role in "Me Too, Flower!", But the actor who has starred in the movie "100 Days with Mr.. Arogant" (2004) with Ha Ji Won was revealed that he wants to visit the crew series. Won Jae-party agency also confirmed the news.

"He felt very sorry to leave the series 'Me Too, Flower!'," Said Jae Won agency representatives. "He hopes to visit the series production team soon."

At that time, Jae Won healing can not be predicted. Therefore, although had to wait a few days, for the continuation of the series production team to replace with Shi Won Jae Yoon. But apparently, Jae Won may soon recover from his wounds.

"Me Too, Flower!" itself tells the story of love between Cha Bong Seon and Hee Jae Seo. Seon Bong was a female police officer with a wild character, while Jae Hee is a man who has a double life. During the day he became a director, while the evenings he worked as a parking lot.

The series is directed director Ko Dong-Seon. While the manuscript was written by screenwriter "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" (2005), Kim Doo Woo. Besides Shi Yoon, the series also stars Lee Ji Ah. "Me Too, Flower!" have been released since early November at MBC station.


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