Research In Motion apparently missed the middle. Because the three software developers have to crack the software tablet PlayBook.

Three hackers that promises to reveal the secret burglary tool called DingleBerry passed within a week. So far the claims of the burglary was still under investigation by the company's handsets that are based in Canada. If successful, this will damage the reputation of RIM as a company known for the most stringent in terms of security and user's privacy.

"If the investigation proves Playbook can be uprooted, RIM will follow the standard response, which make and release a software update," said the RIM. "This update is to minimize the impact that could hit consumers or operators who become our partners."

In his claim, the developers indicated that they could use the Playbook to stream TV shows from online services Hulu. And it is something that is not common for RIM tablet. The term refers to the hacking jailbreak software that allow illegal access to computer systems or run unauthorized programs.

To be sure, BlackBerry smartphone users need not worry. RIM smartphone ensures that the handset will not be affected by this practice. Because the Playbook uses a different operating system with a BlackBerry smartphone that is QNX.

Playbook released in the U.S. premiere in April of this year. In his journey, with a weight of 425 gram gadget has become the first tablet device that won security certification that is approved for use in the United States government agencies.


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