Once caught dinner on 28 November, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung are many rumored to be reconciled. That night Nicholas and Cecil did not eat alone, but with their baby. The atmosphere there gayeng further strengthen the possibility of reconciliation between them.

According to sources, the former married couple seemed happy. During the event, Cecil told much about the behavior of their two children are funny. She also showed photos and Quintus Lucas Tse in his cell phone.

A source close to Cecil said that the actress "Lost in Time" (2003) it was actually still in love with Nicholas. She also wanted to get Nicholas back, because his latest film, "Legendary Amazons", indicating a lack of good results.

Nicholas knew missed by her son, Cecil immediately arrange a dinner when he returned from Shanghai. Nicholas yearning towards her baby was finally relieved by the presence of children.

"Nicholas is very excited and thrilled that night because Cecilia made a big step (post divorce)," says a friend. "This (eating together) reasonable for them, but it is still difficult to say what will happen in the future."

Nicholas and Cecilia were married September 2006. Before a divorce in June 2011, both have been blessed with two children named Lucas and Quintus Tse.


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