Popularity of Lee Min Ho in Shanghai is really high. Wednesday, November 30, Min Ho was in China for carpet fan. But Min Ho presence there might make some users confused because of gridlocked roads. Congestion itself caused many of the Minoz (Min Ho fans) who continue to follow where his idol away.

"Lee Min Ho was in Shanghai to meet crowds of fans and fans always happen wherever she went," wrote one Chinese entertainment media. At the airport alone, there are at least a thousand fans who await his presence despite the early morning dawn. When Min Ho appeared at the exit the airport, thousands of fans were hysterical. Not a bit of crying and screaming.

Min Ho then led out with a fairly tight guard on the way to his car. Min Ho's face remained cheerful and she had waved to repay the Minoz Shanghai.

Crowd did not stop there. After the airport, Min Ho still find a lot of fans who packed the lobby outside the hotel where he stayed. After changing clothes, Min Ho out of the hotel to attend the next working agenda. Again, the crowd of fans everywhere.

Min Ho is scheduled to hold a fan meeting in many cities in China. After Beijing, he will hold a similar event in Shanghai and Hong Kong.


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