Ashton Kutcher apparently does not want the good name ruined. Actor who split with his wife, Demi Moore, because cheating has declined an invitation group of girls who wanted to take him to the stripper club.

"He's surrounded by girls," said a source at U.S. Weekly. "Some girls try to convince Ashton to the stripper club but he refused.

The incident took place at a campus bar in Iowa City, Iowa, Saturday, November 26. Actor TV series "Two and a Half Men" was drinking with his friends for three hours.

The day before, Ashton also visited a bar in Iowa City, The Sports Column. At the bar, he was also approached by several girls.

"He is also surrounded by the girls and the men," said a waiter. "You will not get near her desk. People ask, what song he wanted to hear. Ashton was singing and having fun."

In the Thanksgiving holiday in Iowa, the 33-year-old actor also visited Joe's Place, The Airliner and Bo James. At the bar Joe's Place, Ashton was joking with a woman who worked as a waitress.

"She tried to get an identity card as a joke. But Ashton did not show anything," said the manager of the bar. "Ashton had talked a few minutes and give a tip."


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