Manchester City will try to ensure the tickets 16 Champions League tie at home to Bayern Munich. Game is at once an opportunity for the City to show off to answer the criticism and scorn.

City is competing with Napoli to scramble a single ticket to qualify for the rest of the group A, which has been ascertained to accompany Bayern escaped first.

Bayern itself, through the Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, before it could catapult criticism of City's transfer policy that is often involved in the purchase of ultra-expensive.

The criticism was made in connection with financial fair play rules will apply. City, as the club wallowing in money, also referred to as an example when requesting Rummenigge UEFA impose strict penalties for clubs that will not obey those rules.

"I do not understand the attitude of the City Rummenigge, he's talking about us for six months," complained City manager Roberto Mancini at Reuters.

"Every time (there is a discussion of the) financial fair play, she kept saying Napoli hoping to qualify for the next phase .. I do not understand what's wrong with Rummenigge, I am going to ask directly to him," added Mancini.

Scorn of the City is not just coming from Bayern top brass that's all. Napoli president Aurelio de Laurentiis last month also issued a mockery to say that City owner Sheikh Mansour will "buy a new toy" if the club was not successful.

"He did not know him. Sheikh Mansour is a good man ... I do not think the situation is stupid," said Mancini.

To secure a ticket to the round of 16, the City must beat Bayern hoping at the same time not beat Villarreal Napoli.

Given the current situation, Mancini believes there will be many clubs who relieved if his team fails to fulfill the mission and fell in the group phase.

"Bayern think like that. If we qualify it will be a big problem for other teams ... I think every team Manchester City troubling because in the future Manchester City will be the top clubs in the world," said Mancini.


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