Although already divorced from the end of 2010 Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson apparently still not over her ex-husband. In a joint interview for the January issue of Cosmopolitan, she even impressed the actor is still honoring the "Green Lantern" was. She admitted her marriage to Ryan is the best thing that ever does.

"Married to Ryan is the best thing I ever did. I strongly believe that when something feels right, then you have to do it," said Scarlett. "I strongly believe on instinct. Marriage is the right thing to do because it's natural."

"This relationship grew out of romance and love, and desire to have a future with someone," added the actress was born in New York. "I'm very lucky to be married."

Star of "The Avengers" was admitted missed the presence of a man in her life. She also wants to regain his confidence to a relationship.

"Establishing a relationship is really complicated," she complained. "Marriage is a living, breathing process. I guess I did not quite realize when the ups and downs. I'm still not ready to do the job. We were both busy incredible. We were more often apart than together. It is very difficult."

Since the divorce, Ryan's relationship with Blake Lively. Meanwhile, Scarlett has just broken up with the aging artist Sean Penn after a five-month courtship.


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