December 5th, beautiful actress Han Hyo Joo was selected as health ambassadors to combat malaria in Africa. The first step taken Hyo Joo as an ambassador for Malaria it is to spread the campaign to send mosquito nets to Africa.

The campaign is entitled "Go Nets" and cooperate with the UN Foundation to prevent the outbreak of Malaria in Africa. In accepting the job, Hyo Joo look beautiful with black formal dress while her hair pulled backward.

"About 90 percent of people who die from malaria are children under five and children under the age of five years," said actress serial "Dong Yi" is. "Wire mosquitoes can help protect families from the disease at least three years."

Hyo Joo high popularity in South Korea and Asia is expected to help socialize the campaign. This is not the first time Hyo Joo follow social campaigns. Last year, the actress was born February 22, 1987 was never joined as an ambassador for the campaign "Letters From Angels" with Jang Geun-suk, Lee Byung Hun, Kim Min Joon and others.


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