As a parent, spouse Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon certainly want to continue to monitor the development of twins. Including when the Moroccan and Monroe gone through a new phase of growth, which issued their first vocabulary. Yes, the twins have started to talk!

Nick was happy to share the experience of her baby to Us Weekly at the KISS FM "Jingle Ball", in Los Angeles. Although not much was said of the twins, but the first word that comes out of the baby's mouth to make Mariah and Nick happy.

"They say a word, they do it," said 31-year-old man. "Not much to say. They just say 'mama', 'papa', 'babba'. That's it."

"Being a father might enable me to manage life better," added Nick. "Spending time on the important things it's better than acting recklessly. I know when to keep going and my children will grow every day."


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